Why Shade Never Makes Sense & Choosing Happiness Does

We sometimes become so engrossed in other people’s lives, successes and failures that we lose our own identity. We will be alive but we will be leaving other people’s lives, other people’s dreams and other people’s failures. The biggest danger is that if those people are not around we do not know the left hand from the right. Yet we always need to remember that in spite of all the different types of relationships that we have, we’re still different individuals. The older I get the more I realise that I don’t want to be around stress, drama or conflict. I have become more accustomed to keeping by distance whenever I sense negativity. No one should be around such energy. If you have manged to read this long blog post up to this point, thank you. Always remember to choose happiness and staying true to the things that you believe in. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Navy Blue Mash Dress

I just stopped by to share a quick outfit post. I am sure some of you guys can recognise this dress.A couple of weeks back, I shared a post wearing the same dress in yellow. Both the dresses available in stock at Glitz Dynasty. I could seem to decide which colours is best. So I will need your help. Navy Blue or Yellow, Which colour do you think is more fab? I paired the dress with a cute pair of black heels from Sole4Soul. These shoes are so pretty in the snake skin design, the pictures don’t really do them any justice.