The Closet

10 items you should own this summer

1. Sun hat


Don’t you just hate it when you have go to bed with a gruesome headache? Normally this happens when I have been exposed to too much sun during the day. I am sure this happens to almost everyone. So this summer, you can avoid all of this by simply getting your self a cool hat. Make it your stylish accessory even.

2. A good pair of sunglasses


Again, because of the sun, we all need protective eyewear. Sunglasses are primarily designed to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting our eyes. Sunglasses are not just a popular fashion accessory. Which is why you have to invest in a good original pair of glasses for real eye protection.

3. Maxi-dress


During this season, it gets really hot. A loosely fitting dress will save you two purposes. The first is the stylish/trendy appeal. The second one is its “hustle free.” Try also maxi-dresses with light weight materials.

4. A cool bag.


I get paranoid when it comes to packing my handbag. I always want to take everything with me just in case I may need to use it later. Especially in summer. Please tell me somebody relates to this. So a cool and a slightly bigger handbag is ideal on most days. Big enough to fit in your small umbrella, notebook, sunglasses, cosmetic bag etc.
5. Shorts


This is the time of the year most people most people travel and go out more often. Most people like to hang out by the lake, the pool or just somewhere refreshing. This is one item I also recommend if you going for a simple and sexy look.

6. Pretty Sandals


You can swap these with that beloved pair of pumps.

7. Kimono


Cover up. You can wear this with a pair of shorts if you are looking for a more decent look.

8. Lace-up Heels


So stylish and also trending. This is an all rounder. You can pair this with pretty much anything.

9. Perfectly fitting jeans.


Usually when it gets hot, denim might be a little too heavy. But they are perfect on those rainy days.

10. A happy attitude


Naturally we tend to stress even about the smallest things. About our finances, work, relationships amongst a bunch of other things. This summer, challenge yourself to be stress free. Enjoy the sun, be happy, go out, meet cool people and most importantly embrace all the GOOD that surrounds you.