Balance…Balance… Balance Between my blogger life and real life, I have learnt that I may need to draw the line. This is in terms of how much I spend on clothes and making it balance with my real life responsibilities. I have been pushing myself to limit the number of times a buy new clothes (per month) hence I was inspired to do this 3-part blog series.

PhotoGrid_1433700706559PhotoGrid_1433700772329<a Blazer - Mr Price, Dress - Fashion Express, Neckpiece - Mr Price, Shoes - Avondale Flea Market

I have so many clothes, some I haven’t even worn yet. Yet I am also fighting the urge to buy something new. Can somebody relate? I really hope someone does. Though this blog series, I am pushing myself to think out of the box and be more creative. I also pray someone is going to also find this useful.

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