Why Your Business Needs A Strong Online Presence in 2020

By show of hands ??‍♀️, how many of us go on Facebook, Instagram and Google to look for a certain service? I know I rely on the internet for a good review at least twice everyday.

Be it a restaurant to eat out, or a place to buy clothes or maybe even which preschool in my area is good for my child. Now imagine yourself being one of those service providers whom perhaps offer the best services but with Zero online presence. See how that could cost you? Well I do and here’s why…

1. Convenience

A lot of people don’t have time nowadays to have to drive down to your business only to be told that you don’t have what they are looking for.

It makes it way convenient for your potential customer to look you up on social media. Describe what your business is about and list all your services. Write your opening and closing time. Update your social media pages stating what you currently have in stock or maybe a current promotion you’re running. Be visible.

2. To increase sales

With anything in life, there is always a good and bad side. The upside of social media is that sometimes you have the opportunity to meet new customers daily. There is a chance that your competitors are sleeping on this and that serves to your advantage.

How you may ask? The answer is Sponsored post.

As organic as you wish your business to grow, there is no harm in paid advertising. Sometimes through sponsored post, sometimes online influencers. Create campaigns that will stay relevant and attract new customers.

If you have little knowledge on how to create such campaigns, you can work with PR companies, advertising agencies or influencers with your nichè.

3. Relevance

Most businesses fail to surpass the 5 year mark because out dates business models. I know this especially fashion businesses. Trends go in and out quickly. Pricing methods again in this country change everyday.

By creating an online presence, you are opening yourself to new trends, customer feed back and have a chance to look at what your competitors are doing. You don’t have to copy but you can certainly learn something.

The Internet comes with a vast load of opportunities, make use of them to grow your business. Stay visible and stay relevant.

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