2020 Fashion: Top Shoe Trends

So much has been going on this year and it can be so easy to not stay updated on fashion news. I know I have kinda taken a back seat when it comes to trends this summer because we are home 99% of the times.

I how ever spent the weekend browsing through online magazines to get a feel of what’s happening out there.

These magazines base their conclusions on what happens on the runway. A bigger percentage of runway fashion in western countries isn’t exactly practical in this part of the word.

I had to scale it down to styles that a practical to everyday style and how best to get your hands on them.

These shoes are big trends, almost every online store had them in stock. For reference you can check out Ego Shoes, Pretty little thing, SheIn etc

If you love staying updated with fashion news and trends, then this post is definitely for you.

Here are the top 5 shoes trends for this summer.

1.Chain Detailed

2.Chunky & Strapy

3.Slim Strapy

4. All Tied Up



Let me know which trend you are willing to try in the comments section below.

Personally I am on 1-4, I am not exactly sure about 5.

Thank you for stopping by.

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