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A Double Dose Of Olive


Inspiration is what gives us drive everyday. When we think about inspiration, what inspires us most are ordinary people or ordinary surroundings that turn out to be extraordinary. My inspiration comes from a lot of things. Reading, traveling and discovering new things keeps my creative juices flowing.

Today, allow me to share with you an extraordinary part of my life; My Sister. She is my source of inspiration (my all-time fashion critic). This year has been quite difficult for her because she is in her final year in college and so she spends most of her time buried in books. This shoot was an escape to all of that and it turned out to be a fun one.

She has a style of her own and i am happy to be able to show you that in today’s post. We tried to come up with a fun color theme and Olive green was our color of choice. Hence the the double dose of olive green.

About Wendy’s Look

Top – Jet (SA), Jeans – A random shop in Johannesburg, Shoes – The Accessory Place

Wendy wore an off white sleeveless blouse. She paired the blouse with ripped olive jeans and finished of the look with a pair of gold barely there sandals. We both love to accessorize so this time she opted her favorite sun glasses. She has been wearing these glasses a lot lately haha!

About My Look

Jumpsuit – Power Sales, Shoes – Edgars, Bag – Mr Price, Watch – Gifted, Neck-piece – Mr Price

I wore an olive green jumpsuit which I bought at Power Sales. I like shopping at power sales because over the years they have improved the quality and style of their merchandize. This time I must say I was disappointed. You guys know how much I love my jumpsuits.The quality of this jumpsuit is just so bad. I remember wearing it for the first time and noticing how it had been torn a few hours after I had worn it. I had to return it to the store so I could get a new one. The worst part is I had a friend complaining about the same thing when she bought a similar jumpsuit. Anyway, I paired the jumpsuit with  black heels and a gold clutch bag.







What inspires you to do what you do? What gives you that drive to keep going? Remember to always live what you love because happiness can never be a stranger when you are surrounded by all that you love.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Light!


  • StylishKue

    Love the army greens/olives .???….Wanted to buy the jumpsuit too but I wasn’t too sure about the quality too…But it’s really nice. ..You can get to a tailor for more stiching.

    • Deffinatlyshaz

      Thank you hey. After I went and exchanged the old torn one, I realized taking it to the tailor was the way to go. But I wish I didn’t have to go through that hustle.