The Closet

Having fun with print fabrics

I had taken a break from this blog for about some weeks now. Don’t get me wrong, I have so much time passion for what I do here and for that time I couldn’t blog, it was just as hard. Blogging if you are not careful takes a toll on you and rather its time consuming.

People are always asking me why blog? Why Fashion? Why not write about politics, environmental issues or even religion? The answer honestly I don’t know. I know my passion lies in fashion which is why I get excited when I talk about fashion trends and shoes. My inspiration comes from everywhere, be it people walking in town, or a movie, or a magazine. I am inspired by anything that surrounds me at a given moment. So yes, I will keep talking about fashion.

I had taken a break from deffinatlyshaz because I felt they were a number of things I needed to deal with and this came as advantage because I got a chance to re-strategize what I want for this blog. I tried to learn as much about the world of blogging. Amongst it all, I have learnt that the key to a successful blog is to first consider what it is that you really want to come out at the end of the day. Fashion is of course the dominant topic on this blog, including my styling tips and snaps from my closet as well.

There is nothing boring than having to see a picture taken badly, so I had to get a camera (which I long waited for) , no more mobile photography **whoop whoop**.I am even amused with what I have put together so far and I hope you will find it just as interesting.

On another note, going back to fashion, lately, I have been going crazy about African prints. I really think that it is something any African lady can work at any occasion; also it’s a global trend so it gets even interesting. I put together two of my African print looks below:
Look #1:

I personally designed and saw the skirt myself. It did take me days though , but I think it came out perfectly considering it was my 1st time sawing something that I could actually wear outside the house .


To my followers who have followed this blog, I thank you for your support because it inspires me. I apologize for the unannounced break.