And So The Journey Begins 

Journey BeginsJourney Beginsjourney beginsJourney BeginsJourney Begins

The start of a new year for most people brings a lot of excitement. With a lot of us, there is the general assumption that whatever that has been happening in the past 12 months, can be overwritten by what is about to happen in the next 12 months. That is true to some extent and that’s OK. Besides what is life without hope? Hope for success, happiness and good fortune in general. So with 2017 kick starting, a journey begins.
Personally, I get a lot of anxiety as opposed to excitement. There is always that pressure to do better than what I achieved last year. 2016 was a year of building foundations to things that I am hoping to see grow this year. Particularly this blog and my business. Most of you know that I started running a business last year, which is one of the things I am most proud of to have achieved in 2016.

On a lighter note, does anyone else agree with me that the month of January feels like a Monday? The pressure to get more organized is so real. I hope by the time we get to May (which feels like a Wednesday in my head) we will all be able to track a bit of progress for this year.

My wish for you all is that 2017 brings you so much fulfillment in every aspect of your lives.

Thank you all for always stopping by, your kind comments and supporting this blog in 2016.

I pray 2017 will be bigger and brighter.

Love and light.