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Being A Fashion Blogger


Being a fashion blogger can be tiring I have to admit. Being a fashion blogger in Zimbabwe might prove to even be a bigger challenge. This is because of quite a number of reasons. All of these reasons are coming from the business angle of it all.

The most crucial one is the high costs internet tariffs. Now we all know that we are living in a digital era whereby the world has pretty much become a global village. Latest world news, fashion trends, favorite TVseries and sports updates are some of the few things that are available easly to all of us through the internet. Huge cooperations have their biggest campaigns run online. Which is why one cannot deny how big the internt has become.

Zimbabwe, just like any other country, is part of this global village. We are aware of the importance of these digital privileges. Nevertheless, it all goes down to the costs that one encounters trying to catch up with the rest of the world. Most people are familiar with Facebook and so they are active on this platform. Probably because we have mobile network providers who offer access to facebook at reasonable costs. Most people are not familiar with or at least active on other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. This makes it harder to convince people to catch up with you on the on other sites, let alone follow a blog religiously.

As a fashion blogger, it means even when I share a blog posts link on facebook, one might not be able to access the posts simply because they can’t afford it or because they are nowhere near free WiFi. Of cause there could be other reasons. The fact still remains; the growth and impact of fashion bloggers in Zimbabwe is something which is yet to be explored.

There are other reasons which may include getting a good photographer and perhaps a good camera; which I will talk about in my next blog posts. The photography process has proved to be challenging simply because I have to fund all of this from my own pocket. But how do I continue doing this when my blog isn’t generating any money?

Most people believe that being a fashion blogger is all fun and pretty. It is not. Don’t even get me started on the weird and judgmental stares you get in the middle of a photo session. However, what I have realized is that, even when all of this work isn’t all that fancy, I enjoy every minute of it. I do this with passion. I pray that this journey continues because it has taught me a million lessons.





Top - Mr Price, Jeans - Hot Gear, Shoes - Edgars, Handpiece - Mr Price, Watch - Out of Eden Botique, Neckpiece - Legit

I have written this based only on my personal experience. If you are a blogger, I would love to know all about your blogging experience. I know I have a small number of dedicated followers. Thank you guys for always sparing a second and coming to read about my little adventures here.

With lots of love



  • TatendaRobin

    I hear you, my first blogging experience for fashion week I used hundreds of dollars just to get around and get my hair done to fit in, worked my butt off.. It was dramatic but worth it because I got reconpgnition being present at events to network and grow is expensive one needs business cards branding done and be open to being awkward in public, not everyone will like your vibe etc and hustle BUT I am glad because blog got me into media mainstream and made me go study it, I think in Zimbabwe it can be an opportunity out of unemployment if done with consistency and tactics that defy the norm, I got teased but who is laughing now all the way to the NAMAs…okay not yet, but been at it for 3 to 4 yrs with a gap year, so it’s being pretty cool

    • Deffinatlyshaz

      Lol awkward in public, tell me about it. You got me laughing there. My goal is to be more out there, attend events etc. Hopefully my luck will be good as yours. because I enjoy this journey, I might as well make something out of it, right? It really has taught me a lot. Thank you so much for stopping by.

      • TatendaRobin

        Yes I know how it feels when people comment, well blogs can turn into anything look at how some start boutiques, consulting, etc etc..yes I am awkward I attend events by myself to meet people there and leave alone

  • Cara Siskova

    I feel your pain, Sharon. It’s the same struggle over here in Ghana as well. Especially since there is basically no such community as personal style bloggers as yet. We do it cause we love it. Recognition will definitely come for you, hang in there!

  • Doreen

    Hi dear,
    I experience thesame thing. I must say being a fashion blogger is not so easy. I requires a lot from you and it all revolves around money. Well, I’m a student and this is not easy at all because I have to work and live on a tight budget which is not cool.

    Permit me to blog about this.
    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate.

  • precious

    wow lovely read.i have always wondered how you manage the stares from really got me laughing there.keep on rep Zim don’t give up! (i hope to bump into you one day because i stay close by 🙂

  • Rena

    I’m very impressed, that you are still so engaged with blogging although it is such a challenge in Zimbabwe. And I thought already it is not so easy in Bavaria, but I see you have it much harder. Nevertheless I thank you for your encouragement and that you still blog with passion and that you share here again a very stylish and beautiful outfit!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Diane

    I agree with you completely, it might look fun and easy but it’s a big commitment and if it wasn’t for the passion I think many of us wouldn’t do it! The social media sharing part is definitely not easy as well. Anyways, I love your outfit, you can never go wrong with all black 🙂

  • Lenya

    I hear you girl, being a fashion blogger isn’t all fun and happy dayzzzz. It’s pretty time consuming, hard work too. Anyway, I am not on any other social media like fb, twitter, pinterest, instagram whatsoever, that would be even more time consuming. Anyway, I am babbling (yeah what else is new) love your all black look. That top is gorgeous and those heels rock! Perfect, girl!