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Break Some Rules


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or should we?

About two weeks ago, I published a post about 20 random facts about me. I mentioned that I recently quit my job and promised to talk about it in a different post. I probably will, in full, someday. But today I will share a little bit about that.

As most of you guys already know, I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Media & Society Studies. Initially the idea was to study Law but God had other plans for me. Looking back, this was probably the best impulsive decision I have ever made. I enjoyed my journey, learning so much about the media industry, interning at the Daily News, meeting interesting personalities and so on. After graduating, I worked so hard to get a job in media but God had other plans for me. 10 months later, I got I job as a Marketing Executive for a Legal Organization.

If you know me very well, then you probably know I am all about the hustle and pushing boundaries. So I took the job. Simply because I was tired of spending too much time at home and I needed the “money”. Little did I know that the experience is what I needed more in my life. There was a lot of traveling, which I enjoyed. I became so good in marketing, presentations and my job in general. This wasn’t my passion and eventually it caught up with me. Amongst many other reasons, I had to resign.

I have always followed the rules, I have always been the good child, my Father can attest to that. This time I had to break the rules and follow the dream. The other day I was talking to my blogger friend Tendy about quitting my job. We were talking about how fulfilling and satisfying it is to do something you love. It becomes less of a job, and more of a source of happiness.

What Now?


I have started a business in fashion with both long-term and short term goals. The long term of it is to establish a fashion boutique, Glitz Dynasty, as a place that offers affordable and elegant fashionable clothing. I get out of the house at 6am and I come back not earlier than 7pm. My days have become so busy and my time so valuable. Even though we are halfway through the year,2016 is the year I have worked the hardest and it has been the happiest year of my life.

Our paths are different, our journeys can never be the same. But we all have a purpose in life. As a 25-year-old woman, i can testify that its not an easy path to define. To define the reason for our existence on this earth is the most difficult thing to do for anyone. But you can bet your bottom dollar, you will be at your happiest. Which is what this blog is all about. Happiness!

Inspired by Signature Toscie who was inspired Chenai of Annichebery I am sharing this post to remind you how important it is to choose a path that makes you happy and that God intended for you.

We are halfway through the year, let me know what has been your biggest achievement this year and what is that one thing that gives you so much joy?

Love & Light!

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7 thoughts on “Break Some Rules

  1. Am soooo glad you shared, been waiting for this.My biggest achievement this year was/is creating a path for my passion and dreams.I started blogging on Facebook in 2010 and it was very hard as school (high school) was demanding by then but this year last week i opened my blog(website) on WordPress and i am proud of myself..Having you Sharon lol at least i think that your name is a blessing…been following your blog since the beginning and you are so alive and have given me so much hope. Am so proud of you and the decisions you made to make yourself happy.Such an inspiration.Thanks best wishes….And I cnt wait to get my hand on some of your Glitz Dynasty pieces!!☺☺☺

  2. WOW I am absolutely shocked and amazed by the boldness in your move….I told my parents this they said no chile you tripping, so I listened like I always do, this is your moment, you better run for it and keep going

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