Building A Makeup Collection On A Budget: Part II

Hey guys!  How are ya’all doing? 

Again, I will say this has’nt been the most consistant blog but if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (if you are’nt following me already, lets get to know each other shall we?), then I am sure you know why. I do however promise to bring the consistancy back soon.

On a different note, I hope you are feeling festivy as much as I am. 2017 has been an expirience of its own, filled with so much lessons, growth and blessings.

Still in that festive spirit, I thought I would share the second part of “how to built a makeup collection on a budget”. If you missed the first part, read all about it here

Makeup can be pricey (at least the good kind), I hope these last 2 tips will help you build that perfect makeup collection. 

Buy From A Trusted Retailer

Imitation when it comes to makeup products is the worst kind of inconvenience. Imagine spotting your favorite foundation downtown going for half the price you spotted it up town. Exciting right? You may even find yourself contemplating whether to buy it or not. Please don’t. Chances of that foundation being the most damaging and toxic thing you have ever applied to your skin are very high. 

For most makeup products, they have a chain of trusted certified retailers who sell their products. If the product is original, then the retailer should be able to provide verification. Look for the correct seal and make sure you are getting the original item. Getting the wrong thing might lead you to your dermatologist doorstep, costing you even more in the long run.   

Double The Task

There are some products that will help you achieve more than one thing with the same product. Say for example the lip liner. The lip liner was made to be used as a definer to your lips. It is used normally to provide that pop and a more defined lip. 

Instead of just using it to draw the lip line, it can be used as a lipstick. Apply it across both the lips and you may still get that matte finish you have been dying for. For a glossy look, you may apply a bit of Vaseline or a tiny bit of your favorite lip gloss. Two birds with one stone. You can definitely try this while you wait for your favorite matte lipstick. Double the achievement.

As you try and figure out what will work best for you and your pocket, remember Rome was not build in a day. 

Enjoy the makeup experience and get the best out of your coins.

Remember to stay safe through out the holidays.

Love & Light! 

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