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Currently Obsessed: 3‬ Trends You Should Try This ‭2017

Hey Beautiful. Can you believe how the days are flying and that we are almost three months into 2017? Time is surely flying and winter is just around the corner. And when new seasons come, we can’t help ourselves but observe all the fun trends that come with the changing seasons. Which brings us to today’s post: 3‬ trends to try this ‭2017‬‬.

1. Sleep Wear For Daytime Slayage  

Trends to try this year on deffinatlyshaz
Kenyan Fashion Blogger Joy Kendi M

2. Pleated skirts

La Passion Voutee

3. Everything Bell Sleeved 

Christine Of Just Missed The Runway

Thoughts on these trends? Do let me know your current favorites too.

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