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Currently Obsessed… Black basics

Nowadays we have trends coming in and going out unbelievably. I believe in investing in pieces that will last. If I ever decide to buy a black bag, I am hoping to use that bag for a long time before I decide to buy another one in the same colour. Unless of course if I find a very irresistible peace, (Which is exceptional in this Case). And that goes for all the clothing items I buy.

So here are the three items that I am currently obsessing over.  The sleek black blazer, black pumps and and that Chanel bag. Now because of work and how I am always waking up late, with little to time to play dress up, these basic items are just ideal for me.

The Chic Blazer


The black Pumps


The Chanel Bag


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With lots of Class & Love…xx

2 thoughts on “Currently Obsessed… Black basics

    1. Lol Sarah…thank you so much for stopping by. Love your blog to bits. I have always hated the idea of investing so much in trends because we get easily bored so dressing according to your personality is just simple & hustle free.

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