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Currently Obsessed… Designer Envy!

It’s been a while since I have uploaded something for this segment. Lately I have been dying to get my hands on a couple of things.  Designer Closet is every girls dream. There are a couple of items I would like to own myself. However, it is difficult. The prices for one, not to mention how the market is flooded with fake designer items. This is my wishlist and hopefully one day I will get to live the dream. Haha!

I picked my top three items and they are as follows:

1. The YSL Bag



I have a formal 9-5 job. This requires quite a stable wardrobe. For a girl my age, building that up in a Zimbabwean economy can be daunting. So once in a while i would like to spoil myself with something so casual and pretty for the weekends. This bag perfectly fits my style and I a having been obsessing over it. It’s pricey, but a girl can dream right?

2. Skater dress




H & M

Designer or not, it’s summer. Dresses are ideal if you want to avoid the heat most people experience in jeans. You can go for a different print and color to make it even more stylish.

3. Gold Sandals

Timelessness! One thing I always consider when buying clothes. This shoe is an all rounder. Easy to transition from day time to a night out.

Thank you for stopping by.
Let me know what stylish items you have been dying to put your hands on.
Love and Light!