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Currently Obsessed… Strappy Knee High Gladiator Sandals


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Hello Friends!

As seasons shift, we get excited as we get to decide which trends to follow, at least I know I do. Please tell me I am not the only one. I surely would like to believe that there are many people who feel just as excited as i do. Winter in Zimbabwe is over. Our Spring season feels like summer. So i could just say summer is upon us. Summer is my favorite season for a million reasons. One of them being i get to celebrate my birthday in this season. Speaking of birthdays, i am hoping to celebrate my birthday in a different way this year (God permitting). So that’s one thing to look forward  to.

Back to our main business, which is the strappy knee high gladiator sandals. I have been obsessed with these lately. With the Harare temperatures rising by the day, this might just be the perfect shoe.

With these sandals, you will have too many options on how to style them.  A pair of shorts, a simple summer dress, the list is endless. I know i have listed a million things on my currently obsessed lists, but this is one trend i am happy to recommend to anyone.

For my Harare readers, i have spotted these sandals in quite a number of boutiques across town, with prices ranging from $40. Stores like Blue Sky and Out Of Eden have had these in their stock. My problem though, is i seem to find the ones with plastic leather or just plastic material. If you know where i can get a genuine leather pair, help a girl out.


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How would you style your gladiator sandals? Be sure to let me know.

Have a great week.

Love & Light!

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