Dealing With Failure | Celebrating Success 

Hey Everyone! Sorry I missed Thursday’s post. I have been trying to be consistent lately but Thursday was hectic so I ended up having to postpone this post.Hope you guys had a marvelous weekend. My weekend was quite interesting. Allow me to take you guys through the other half of it.

I am an outdoors person and so I usually spend my weekends out. My boyfriend on the other hand is also an outdoors-man so we are always together during weekends. He likes playing social football on Sundays with some of his friends. I usually accompany him to these games. Amongst the people he plays football with is their coach, who is also a professor. Now the professor as the team’s coach, after every game, every Sunday night, he writes motivational messages for his team (which he has termed The Perch). I discovered this when one Sunday Max (my boyfriend) was reading one of the messages loudly. At first, because I was busy doing something else, I wasn’t really listening. After a while I started paying attention. That’s how I got hooked to “The Perch.”

Yesterday after the game, as usual, the professor sent another message. This one really stuck with me and It was an inspiration to today’s post. Here is a snippet of what he said:

“… It got me thinking about the need sometimes to take things in our stride when they do happen. There are times when we appear overawed by our success or failure! I’m sure that you have heard people say about someone that they can’t handle success. Someone does something that is beyond their wildest imagination and they become a different person. Suddenly they become unapproachable they change friends they change places they used to go to they change their attitudes. They become completely different from the people that we used to know. Same thing happens when people think that things are going wrong in their lives. They go through the same motions as I have described above. It all seems natural but does it? How do we handle success? How do we handle failure?

Over the years I have learnt that success and failure are two sides of the same coin. In fact they are an integral part of our lives. If we break it down further succeeding and failing is what makes us human! The only problem is that we sometimes forget that when we’re successful one day things will change and we will fail but that’s not and should not be the end of the world. We should learn to deal with success just as much as we should learn to deal with failure. We should accept what life gives us and move on. In a previous installment of the Perch I made reference to the fact that good things happen to good people just as much as they happen to bad people just as much as bad things happen to both good and bad people! This is just how life is.

I want to encourage us this week to understand that it is how we deal with succeed and failure that brings out our real character. It doesn’t matter how much success you garner there’s more people who have surpassed what you have done. Similarly it doesn’t matter how much you fail there’s been worse. Lest I be misunderstood I am not saying that we should not celebrate our success. In fact I am a strong advocate of celebrating success no matter how small. However and by the same token we should embrace and learn from those times when we fail!”

I hope you will find the professor’s words just as inspirational during the week as I have.

About The Look

I like body hugging dresses (no surprise there 😀) and i have been wearing a lot of red lately. I can’t say it’s my favorite color but I have been drawn to it lately. So for today’s look i opted for this red dress and I paired it with black shoes. The shoes are from Edgars they are definitely one of my favs.

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