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Discover Your Scent: How to buy your favorite fragrance.


A Perfume is a must-have for everyone, gentlemen included. We all need that signature scent. However, there are always mixed feelings for most people, especially women when it comes to choosing the right perfume. But that’s ok. You can take this test to find out which fragrance might be perfect for your personality. I have 3 of my favourite fragrances which I have been absolutely loving. I will pick either of the 3 depending on my mood for the day and the occasion.

My favorite Perfumes you may want to try out:

1. Elizabeth Arden Red door


I first heard about Red Door when I was still in college. One of my house mates used this perfume and I loved it since then. Its quite sensual and sexy.
With this perfume, less is more. A couple of sprays is probably enough, which is why it lasts longer. The downside though, i feel like its a bit mature. Like it’s perfect for the ladies in their late 30s and early 40s.

2. Bvlgari


Bvlgari has this earthy and dark  edge scent.  This kinda elevates it above any other plain ordinary perfume. It is sophisticated and it’s just plain nice. Love it.

3. Olympea


This one has been quite popular with most youngsters, like myself lol. It was launched in August 2015. Olympéa represents the equivalent of the masculine edition Invictus from 2013. So this one is ideal if you are looking for a he’s and her’s type of  a combination. Invictus for the gentleman and Olympea for the ladies.

Tips on how to purchase designer fragrances.

1. Take your time

The perfumes come with testers. Try out different types of perfumes until you figure the exact scent you want. Make sure you are getting the original scent because there are also replicas flooding the market. I would recommend going to Edgars, Kenlink Pharmacies, Licorice and Truworths to try out these scents. Explore your options as much as you can.

2. Compare prices

Now that you know what type of perfume you want. Compare prices in different stores. If you are in Zimbabwe, consider opening an account at Edgars. There are many other stores  that allow you to open accounts and take things on credit, but I recommend Edgars because of their rates and good prices too. Not to mention their good customer service. Check online stores and even abroad too.

3. Buy where you benefit the most.
Spend within your limit because saving some coins is always a good thing. After weighing your options, make sure you are benefiting not loosing. Personally, I find it relatively cheaper to buy in South Africa. For those of you who are able to either go there or send someone, this will be your best option. This is because they are not just affordable, but you can get them at the Big Five duty free shop which means less expenses for you. Plus you will always scoop the latest designer fragrances there and if you are lucky enough you will get them on promotion.

I hope you find this post useful.

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