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Father's Love

Was reading the H-Metros editorial comment on Friday. The article was on how African fathers are never fully appriciated because women are given much coverage in the Media. Men across the world work so hard 24/7 to provide food on the table and ensure that every child’s need is catered for.
I have a father whom i am truly greatful for. His love is imeasurable. I am not much of a good cook, but the little i know about working my kitchen magic, i was tought by him. Just yersterday, i came home late, but he waited for me at the bus stop. I did not tell him if i was coming home or not because i had travelled to Gweru and my battry had died. But he stood in that cold weather, hoping that i would get home safe. He is the dad that makes sure i am happy all the time.
Happy father’s day dady. And happy fathers day to all the lovely dads out there!<3