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Floral Dress

Dress - Power Sales, Shoes - Angwa Mall, Bag - Mr Price, Watch - Edgars

Floral dresses are classic and timeless pieces. Even from decades back, ladies would rock anything with floral details. Its perfect for summer so I wasn’t going to let this one pass. As unexpected as it was,  I scooped this little number from the kids section at power sales. Lol aha, I know! I think the store has  improved in terms of the clothes they are bringing in especially in their kids section.

There is a story behind every particular clothing item I have bought. Well the story behind this one is quite funny, *giggles*! It was an emergency which turned out to be strategic,  but that’s a story for another day. I won’t bore you guys with that today.






Happy new week and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As for my weekend, it was good considering I wasn’t feeling too well. I am better now and I thank God for that.

To my local fashionistas, would you shop at Power Sales? What do you think about their products in regards to quality.

Have a great week.

Love & Light!

16 thoughts on “Floral Dress

  1. I don’t buy at Powersales and many major bulk retailers…sizing…these hips and small bust make template sizing bad… Even tailors aren’t ready..
    So I like thrifting international brands because they suit me better in their make.
    When I was your dress size I totally bought woollies kids section

      1. Chic Street the fit isnt also up to my body shape either..its the cut of the clothes, custom…even in zim i wonder how the tailors measure my bust and misplace darts

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