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Four Lipstick Brand You May Want To Try Out

I have to be honest, I have never been one to spend too much on makeup, let alone lipsticks. But lately I have realized that quality is everything when it comes to makeup. Quality means you protect your skin and usually it means long lasting which eventually leads to saving. So quality it is.

Now quality doesn’t really mean expensive. There are other cosmetic brands that are dermatologicaly tested and still remain affordable. We have so much poorly manufactured cosmetics flooding the Zimbabwean market so one has to be careful when buying makeup. Here are some brands that I have found trustworthy as well as links on where to purchase them.

1. M.A.C Cosmetics


I just recently purchased three M.A.C lipsticks in three beautiful shades. So far, the three types i tried are light as air and stays on for long. Most matte lipsticks can be cakey and drying, but this ones are ok. I am a stickler when it comes to red lipstick staying in place — there’s nothing worse than sloppy red lipstick. There is a M.A.C store which was recently opened at Sam Levy’s Village. Buying at the M.A.C store is your safest bet to get the original items. You can purchase them online as well.

2. Sleek Cosmetics


Sleek is sleek. It’s smoothness. I’ve been focusing on finding the right matte makeup products to get the job done. Let me tell you,  Sleek’s Matte lipsticks are the biznis! This lipstick is a product that glides on to a perfect matte finish. Sleek cosmetics  provides many other rich, vibrant colors that last for hours. You have to be careful with this one though, it tends to be cakey especially if not applied carefully. Sleek cosmetics are available on this site. For those in Zimbabwe you can shop them at Edgars and  Barbours.

3. Vault Cosmetics


What can I say about vault lipsticks? I have talked about it just about a million times on this blog. Probably because Vault cosmetics is Zimbabwean-born so I have had good experience with it. They recently held a lip mixology party and lipstains were on sale. So that also came as advantage.  You can purchase the lipsticks online here. They are also available to purchase at Barbours, Truworths and at their Arundel Studio.

4. Revlon


When it comes to Revlon cosmetics, I tend to be  selective, my favorite being the Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. These lip lacquers are available in 15 shades. They got me when they made Bonang Matheba their South African brand ambassador. I picked up two earthy shades, one a light nude shade and one in a darker maroon shade. You won’t want to put too much because they have that glossy effect and I personally don’t want to wear shiny lips everyday except on certain occasions. I got mine from South Africa. You can purchase yours here.

There you have it, 4 good makeup brands. What’s your favorite makeup brand? Let me know and be sure to share some of your favorite brands.

Love & Light!