Glitz Dynasty Off The Shoulder Dress

Dress : Glitz Dynasty

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Today’s post features this Glitz Dynasty off-the-shoulder dress which is part of our summer collection. The off-the-shoulder style is one trend I have been loving and I wore this trend quite a bit last year. I am hoping we will get to see more of it this 2017.

What are your thoughts on this trend?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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PS: I am trying to maintain our Mondays and Thursdays posting schedule. Occasionally I will throw in a lifestyle/travel Saturdays post. I am praying I will be able to keep this up.

2 thoughts on “Glitz Dynasty Off The Shoulder Dress

  1. I love the off shoulder style because it’s just the right amount of of skin to show without giving too much away. It’s very class and can be worn as a formal dress or casual top! Love the black and white palette too, adds to the chicness of the overall ensemble!

    xoxo Rina Samantha

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