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How To Accesorize

Bag - Mr Price

Accessories can make or break your entire outfit. In my previous post, I gave a few tips on how to restyle your clothes without getting bored. One of the key elements I mentioned was accessorizing.

Today again with the same goal, about affordable fashion and share ideas/inspiration on how to be stylish on a budget. when every magazine in the world is busy suggesting new trends and every woman in the world starts having those gloomy thoughts about not having anything to wear. Let’s face it, ladies, we do have a closet full of stuff and the only thing we need to do in order for them to go from “last season and boring” to “totally trendy” is learning how to accessorize.

How to Accesorize?

Well, it’s actually very simple – experimenting with different types of hairpieces, hats, jewelry will make the clothes you already own look totally different enabling you to wear them more often. Here are some of the tips I have found useful;

1. Shoes

Lime & black Select Heels - The Accesory Place (Eastgate Mall), Lime heels - Sole For Soul, Black Heels - Sole For Soul

I’ll fitting or plain clothes can be accessorized to look stunning but a cheap looking pair of shoes will make even the best ensemble look barely average.

So if you really want to know how to accessorize like your favorite style crush,  take my advice and invest your money in a pair of fabulous shoes.

2. Play With Color

Neckpiece - Avondale Flea Market

My next tip on how to accessorize like a pro would be to avoid boring looks. Here’s an example for you – if you’re wearing all black choose a bag and a jacket/scarf/necklace in a bold color (lime and red are my favorites. Avoid being gloomy.

3. Wear Jewelry

Neckpiece - Bling Bling

Jewelry… It’s amazing what you can do with just a couple of eye-catching, trendy budget-friendly pieces. I buy mine anywhere. Flea Markets, Mr Price, legit, you name it.

It doesn’t have to be gold and it doesn’t have to be silver – color can look just as great and it’s much cheaper!

4. Discover your true style

Glasses - Mr Price, Hat - Avondale Flea Market

Hats, sunglasses, hairpieces, belts – unless you’re determined to shop for designer accessories, you can afford to shop for the latest, trendiest styles and colors to add to your collection. That’s the best part for me personally.

Find your own way to be trendy, to make the trends work for you. And while you are at it, you don’t have to break the bank.

5. Create the perfect balance

Bag - The Accessory Place

So, my final tip on how to accessorize would be to find a perfect balance between looking plain and looking like you are perfectly put together. The perfect balance between cheap and expensive.

Less can be more but, then again, less can also mean “not much” and that’s one word you don’t want to use when trying to describe your style.

And there you have it, My 5 tips on how to accessorize.

What are your favorite tricks when accessorizing? Share with me in the comments section.

Love & Light!