INDULGING: Trying something new!

FOOD! Say that word in my sleep and I will probably jump out of bed. I love my food and I pay little attention to details. I am not really keen about trying new dishes because I have learnt that most restaurants use butter to create most meals (which I am not tolerant to). Just the smell of it from a distance, I will be gagging everything out of my tummy. And the sad part is for the past 21 years of my life; everyone and I mean everyone regarded me as a bad cook. I had actually concluded that I had no future in the kitchen (& don’t you dare judge me, lol). So because of that, I have become more of a junk food kinda girl. I remember last year I made a resolution to myself, after an embarrassing incident, that at least I should give myself another chance to try my luck in the kitchen. I took interest in preparing meals during weekends with my college friends. Since then, I think I have improved, though I cannot say I have become an expert. My dad (my very strict personal food critic) nowadays occasionally request that I cook for him, & I couldn’t be more proud.

With that being said, over the festive season I went out for lunch with my love, At 40 Cork Road, Avondale. The place is really nice, beautiful landscape, the environment is relaxing and you can also enjoy some family time there.


The waiter was really nice and friendly too. He gave us the menu & me being that sucker for junk food, I couldn’t recognize anything familiar on that list. I took about 5-10 minutes trying to choose which new dish I would try. Eventually, my porpy helped me choose something that I was willing to try. I did enjoy the meal, but the meal had been saved with something that looked like Pumpkin leaves (Muboora), and it had that butter smell. So maybe next time I will probably ask how the meals are made before I order. Right?

Potato wedges, veggies, Fish, lemon
Potato wedges, veggies, Fish, lemon

Potato wedges, veggies & roasted chicken
Potato wedges, veggies & roasted chicken

As for the beverages, I tried their Shandy drink, which had a ginger taste, it was good too.

If ever I decide to become a regular at that place, It will mainly be because of that beverage. Ooh and the restaurant service was nice too. I would probably rate the place 7 out of 10.
Do you have any plans for this weekend?
Have a wonderful and restful weekend…Much love!!

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