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The Power Of A Woman: Happy International Women’s Day

International women's day
Photography : EZ Photography

International women's day

International women's day

International women's day

International women's day
Dress: Mr Price, Bag : Some shop is Johannesburg Central, Shoes: Sole4Soul, Glasses: Ali Express (gifted)


Happy International Women’s Day

You still have a long way to go… You are not a true blogger (whatever that means)…You need to figure out your life and get organised… Why are you wasting time? Stop trying to be a show off… Are you making money from this? You could have done this right or you could have done it like this… So and so does it better than you! Ouch. –  Happy International Women’s Day.

The above statements are just a few of the negative jabs that have been thrown at me. Some said online and some were even said right in my face. Some by strangers some by the people I know. The latter is the worst. Whatever you are doing in life, to be told that you are not good enough can be heart breaking. At the end of the day, we can’t let the negativity get the best of us.

I write about fashion because for me it’s a passion, keeping in mind that one girl who has loved fashion for ages and could still never afford it. Being the Substance!

The good thing is that all the negative comments are easily washed away by the awesome lovely support I get from all you female bosses. The lovely comments you continue to leave for me warm my heart. That’s the power all you women have in my life.

That is the power of a woman.

Happy International Woman’s Day Bosses!

Love And Light!

12 thoughts on “The Power Of A Woman: Happy International Women’s Day

  1. Well put HUN! You do YOU BOO BOO! It all pays off and they will swallow their words back. Follow your dreams. You are doing well. Happy International Women’s Day to you too.

  2. Love the message in this post. people will always have something to say boo even if you are doing great there is always those ones who feel the need to pull you down. Do YOU and do not pay attention to negativity. That dress though …I AM IN LOVE

  3. Oh those jabs. They actually bother me, they bother me so bad that I keep pushing, keep moving forward, keep doing what I love, nobody can define my happiness for me, Thanks for this wonderful piece. Cheers to all lady bosses that are doing what they love regardless of people’s opinions. Happy International Women’s Day !

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