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International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day

Seeing that today is International Women’s Day (IWD) I thought we would drift a little bit from our usual fashion talk and discuss a bit about this special day.  The IWD celebrates the economic, political & social achievements of women past, present and future.

We have Laws that seek to empower and emancipate women e.g the Domestic Violence Bill which seeks to curb the social problem of domestic violence which over the past years has increased women’s vulnerability to HIV/Aids and reduced their participation in building their societies.


Violence is a social problem that affects everyone. I remember some time last year there was a story which made headlines about a girl who was stripped naked in Harare  because apparently she was inappropriately dressed (read story here). Seriously??? It is against this background therefore that the IWD was set.

Now in as much as we would like to agree and shake hands on the achievements that women have achieved in the past, there  still is a lot to be done.  Equal rights is still a myth in most countries, not just in African countries but through out the world. We look at women in Saudi Arabia today who live as third-class citizens. They are not allowed to drive, to marry whom they want or to travel without
written permission from a male guardian.

There are an estimated 3 million girls in Africa at risk of undergoing genital mutilation every year. Yes in some African & Asian countries,  female Genital Mutilation is still being practiced. All these are issues that are affecting women.

The IWD therefore is a day created for all of us to raise awareness and improve gender equality. Accepting  women’s advancement is not just a fairness argument; its also an economic imperative  that creates higher growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities.


Happy International Women’s day! Lets push on raising awareness and breaking barriers. 🍷🍷 #listenlearnlead

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