It’s My Birthday 


Today I get to celebrate. Celebrate 26 years of God’s undiluted Grace. It’s my birthday y’all! So excited! Last year on my birthday i shared 25 things that I have learnt in the past. Today I am turning 26 and so I thought why not share again some lessons that I have learnt in trying to find myself. Let’s make this a thing shall we? While this might not be so important to someone else, I am sharing this as a reminder to myself. So that years from now, I can be able to trace my thoughts as I grow older.

The Lessons

  • Make prayer your number one. Live, eat, breathe prayer as part of who you are. Everything starts and ends with God.
  •  Be You. Stay true to that.
  •  Let loose and be playful.
  • See the best in people. We all know what I mean here: choosing to see the light.
  • Go out and meet new people.
  • Celebrate milestones.
  •  Move in silence. Allow yourself to be a mystery. Social media these days makes this a tad bit harder but it’s OK.
  •  Follow the passion always. This sounds cheesy I know but it makes sense in every way.
  • Choose happiness. Challenges are always going to be part of the circle but in the midst of all that, i will stick to being a happy soul.
  • Health is life. Take care of yourself.
  • You are all the validation you will ever need.
  •  Give. As much as possible.
  •  Forgive. Move on quickly.
  • Love. Disregard the hate.

Love & light!

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