The Next Chapter: Just Married

We got married!

I am very ecstatic to share this news with you guys. Oh my God!

On the 23rd of September, I got married to my best friend in a customary/traditional ceremony, otherwise known as Roora .  The ceremony took place at my parents house in Harare.

There is still a lot of excitement going on and at the moment I am just trying to let everything sink in. Initially I had declared that my week starts tomorrow after the weekend we’ve just had.  I was hoping today would be rest-day after such a busy weekend, but somehow here I am! Working! But that’s okay.



I wore this dress I got tailor made specifically for the occasion. I loved how it turned out and the traditional bride vibes in the print.

I share so much on this platform and I figured it would be the perfect positive news to start with this Monday.

I will let this be just a quick post and will get into full detail in another post.

Happy new week Lovelies.

Love & Light