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Life Update: Being A New Mom + Joining YouTube + 2018 Goals

Hello Everyone! How have you all been doing?

Let me start by wishing you all a happy new year.  Hope I am not too late.I started of 2018 in high spirits and its pretty mush safe for me to say this year is going to be LIFE CHANGING! Lets speak into the universe shall we?

2017 Review

Wow! A lot happened in 2017. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably know most of what I am about to share with you.  Most of which is very positive. I got married, gave birth to a handsome little prince, learnt so much about what I want to achieve (career wise) and grew my spirituality as a christian.

Being A new Mom

This has to be my biggest blessing that crowned 2017. I share so much about my personal life and as cliche as it may sound, this was a journey I chose to go through privately.  Simply because so much  happens during such a process. All I wanted was to preserve all my energy for a healthy pregnancy, purely enjoy the journey and focus on preparing myself  to become a good mom to my son.

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Now that I have settled, I will probably share my pregnancy journey and my birth story. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know.

Joining YouTube

On the 1st of February I launched my first YouTube channel. This was quite an experience for me. I have been planning to Join YouTube for the longest time but I just never got up to it. For some reason I always came up with a million excuses to not join YouTube. Procrastination being my biggest 2018 enemy, I had to do it.

 By joining YouTube, I am hoping I will be able to challenge myself to do more as a content creator. My goal is create informative content with the hope that you guys will find it useful. Please do check out my channel and do not forget Subscribe, Like & Share. Special thanks to everyone who has supported this new journey so far. The feedback has been incredible.

2018 Goals

2017 was quite erratic  in terms of my consistency on this platform. During the first quarter, I manged to do a whole lot more since I started blogging.  More collaborations and good quality content. Soon after the car accident, things just slowed down up until the last quarter of the year.

All I want this year is to be consistent, grow my business and maintain positive energy around me all year round.

Thank you for the kind support and sticking around thus far.

Life & Light!

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