Life Update: The Car Accident, Going MIA & What Have I Been Up To! 


“Mudirei mvura…”, “ …Ko wanga waku kotsira here?…”, “… Abuda nepa window…”, “…Fonerai ambulance…”,  “…Tenda Mwari Mwanangu, wanga usinga fanire kubuda uri mupenyu…”  Those were the sound of the voices I could faintly hear while lying on the side of the road. In that moment of blurriness, all I could think of was my need to have my family come and rescue me.

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” Photography: Erenez Photography

On March 29th, I was involved in a car accident while I was driving alone from Chinhoyi. All I remember is the loud banging noise of metal colliding, the sound of the tyres bursting and of cause the sweet sweet sound of the airbag bursting right in my face. Oh boy!

I could post the pictures of the accident, but right now I am not sure if it fits with the image I am trying to create for this blog. We are all about happiness aren’t we? So for today, I will give it a pass.

The car was too damaged, the insurance company considered it a right off (unrepairable).   The drivers’ side which is the right side was the most damaged.  They couldn’t open the door to bring me out and there was a lot of smoke coming from the engine into the car so they brought me out through the window. Everything happened so quickly and I basically passed out for a minute. I woke up not knowing where I was, surrounded by strangers asking me a dozen questions.

In the midst of those events, my phone took the liberty to fly out of the window breaking into pieces. How disloyal? It broke into pieces and it was basically unrepairable. I know this probably explains further my little half glassed explanation on social media before I went MIA. A lot has happened since then. When something tragic like this happens, we deal with the shock differently. I had to be offline for a bit, reflect on life and rediscover all the things I am passionate about.

A few days after the accident, I received the best news of my life. But that’s a story for another day.

I am slowly getting back my mojo and I hope I will be around for a little while.

So what have I been up to?

So after the accident, I pretty much put everything on hold, the blog included.  I have just been spending time at home, going out a little bit more (if going out to eat counts) and just spending time with loved ones.

What now?

I am planning on picking up where I left of with the blog. I am hoping to continue showing up here on the same schedule as before; that is on Mondays, Thursdays and occasionally on Saturdays.

To those who were constantly checking up on me, I do appreciate it. Thank you!

Love and light!