Hair Chronicles: To Be Or Not Be A Naturalista

Hey Lovelies!

I pray you all had a wonderful and restful weekend. I spent Saturday in bed because hey, the Harare weather required that. On Sunday I managed to attend church, eat a good serving of mabhonzo (beef bones) at my favorite traditional place and I finally registered to vote. Quite progressive if I must say so myself. Haha! See more of that on my Instagram stories.

The Hair Chronicles

Moving on, lately I have been entertaining thoughts of taking care of myself. Physically to be precise. I think it goes without saying that we all need to take care of ourselves. Eat right, exercise and maybe throw in a good spa treatment in the mix once in a while.

Today i would like to talk about my hair journey. A twisted one I must say. I cut my hair about 2 years back. The reason for that being it had become boring and its growth was just stagnant. So I chopped it. For close to a year, I maintained the short hair in it’s natural state. That was fun; for a while.

Nothing is ever permanant when it comes to hair styles for most African women, so I naturally got bored of the hair. I had the hair relaxed in trying to achieve the cut and tong hair style. That was fun: for while.

I find hair maintenance such a daunting task so the cut and tong hair style was a hit for a short while.

The Cut & Tong

Hair Chronicles: To Be Or Not Be A Naturalista



That hair style was high maintenance I tell you. It required a saloon visit at least once a week. Well that was until I mastered how to do it myself from the comfort of my home. The only problem was that it took too much of my time. So again, I chopped it! Big mistake, or not?

About 6 months ago, i started to get my hair plaited again. Braids only. I was under the impression that my hair would grow faster under such conditions, but ALAS! It’s still as tiny and disappointing as ever.

This brings me to my point, I need to up my game and take good care of my hair! I know we need to love our hair and take care of it.  This time, I am just ready. A part of me once to start afresh again. Cut off the unhealthy hair because I believe the chemicals I applied for the cut and tong may have caused more harm than anticipated.

Dear naturalistas, how do you maintain your hair and how has been the journey? The de-tangling? The pain? What has been the biggest advantage for keeping your hair natural? Robin Chaibva, who runs a travel blog , Hambanow says…

” no more chemical burns and staggering my retouch plans.. and plaiting and deep conditioning plans. Dealing with growth was hard for me. Also it brought me variety and benefit for my blog and getting sponsored for my hair.”

What Now?

As I am trying to make up my mind, I would love to hear about your hair journey and what has been the greatest advantage for maintaining your hair in the state that it is in; whether natural or not.

Natural Hair Inspiration

Here are some bloggers who have been giving me natural hair envy/inspiration lately.

Hair Chronicles: To Be Or Not Be A Naturalista

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Happy new week.

Love & Light!


  • Kumbirai

    Giiiirrlll!!! I feel you. Thank you for the feature! Believe it or not I cut mine about 3 weeks ago! And I’ll soon explain why. But hair can be a mission. The tip I can give you is, get to know your crown. It’s likes and dislikes. And don’t compare it to others because it all boils down to genetics I think. We are all made differently so find out what makes your crown flourish. And too many products does not yield results. Okay okay I’m going on and on now 🙈 Have fun with it!

    • Sharron

      Whaaaaaaaat? You cut it? Why? Oh my word! Thank you so much for the advice. I couldnt agree with you more especialy about genetics. In terms of which products to use, I should probably research more on what will work best for me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tarry

    I have been on a shea butter only spree coz my hair was causing me a lot of grief so i decided to try it out and i must say im seeing results. finally. *sigh*

    • Sharron

      Oh lovely to hear you found something that is really working for you. Its always hard to see progress/results when it comes to hair growth. Kudos to shea butter!

  • Skha

    Hi Shaz. I can relate to your natural hair journey! I chopped mine last year and oh my word I enjoyed it but…for a while. I got 4c type of hair and mine is the opposite of grows way too fast and I hate it (nice life problems some say lol). Well, the reason why i hate its fast growth is because it then becomes too kinky and hence too painful to comb. I would always dread that moment after washing it especially when i have to go out. However, these days i am rocking cornrows and i must say it is the best feeling of freeeedom ever! Especially in this heat! When i go out i just wear my wig…you should see how fast i take that thing off the moment i get home kkkk! I use Dax Hairgrower with a red cap. It has been making it a bit manageable.

  • Mica

    While I don’t have a similar type of hair I relate to hair struggles – I think we all have them from time to time!

    I’m growing my hair long at the moment so I can cut and donate it, so I know what it’s like wishing for it to grow! No tips though sorry! I still have a few vitamins I was taking while breastfeeding that I’m still taking as my hair seemed to grow a lot then, but I’m not sure if it’s really helping or I just think it is, ha!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sharron

      Aaaaww Mica that is a lovely thing you are doing (donating your hair). The hair struggles are real but its a good thing we always find a way around them.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.