New Beginnings 




With each new year that we get to live, we are given hope, we are given a fresh start ; at least that’s what I believe. A lot of people believe in setting resolutions for each year that comes. Some people are lucky enough to reach those goals while for other people those resolutions fail to see the light of the day and simply remains a plan on the paper. This year i am one of those people that get to see all their plans come to life; and so will you. Can i get a Amen? 

Let me tell you something my friends, today is one of the happiest days of my life because i get to tick something off my list of “things to achieve.” As i write this, i have this huge grin on my face because finally i get to launch this website. I am a planner, i plan things. Personally, i prefer making monthly resolutions, that way it’s easier for me track my progress and avoid procrastinating. So launching this site has been on my monthly resolutions list since January. The plan was to have this done by January this year, but it just didn’t seem like the right time. So i kept pushing and procrastinating up until a couple of weeks back. 

The old blog became quite a hustle to use and even more difficult to use as an interactive platform which is why i felt there was need for an upgrade with the help of professionals ( Royalty Webhosting Zimbabwe). Basically there was need for substantial work and this included changes to the design, content, structure, and technology of the website. Again at the same time, i lost my inspiration. So the break gave me a chance to regroup and reconnect with myself. 

What to expect?

As most of you already know from the previous blog, i posted outfit posts every Monday and Thursday. That will remain as part of the blog posting schedule, but I will add on to that a lifestyle segment called “Lifestyle Saturdays” which will be posted every Saturday.  
The look.

I love black, I love white and most definitely, i am a fan of monochrome. For this look, i wanted to mix prints but also maintaining coordination between the two pieces. I loved how it turned out and so to finish of the look i wore these black suede heels. 
I would love to know your thoughts about what you guys would like to see more on the blog. 
Special thanks to Royalty web hosting. 
Thank you for stopping by. 
Love and Light!