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No To Xenophobia!


First of all, can we just establish some sort of agreement that these attacks are not going to come out well on all angles?  You take someone’s life with the belief that he/she is the reason why your life is so miserable? Based on what really? You can’t take pride in being violent, let alone have a respected king support such heartless acts.

The freedom that you enjoy today, the liberation that you preach about, was built on the backbone and financial support of the very same people you are now burning and violently attacking. In Shona we say “hupenyu Ivhiri”, no situation remains the same. Learn your History. Get some education.

You would think that a country that gained independence a bit late compared to other African countries would be in the lead in understanding human rights. Apartheid memories for some are still fresh. So how is your life different from your Malawian/Somalian/Nigerian/Zimbabwean brother who is only working hard to fend for his family back home?

This is not the first time South Africa has pulled a stunt like this. I remember a few years back worrying whether my friends and family in SA where going to survive these hideous attacks. My biggest worry is that; just like many other brutal situations we have gone through, this is just another situation that is going to be left to play itself out.

Lives lost, no compensation to the families grieving and the SA government still hasn’t given a sound response . When do they want to take action? When they finally see a bigger pile of burnt human bornes perhaps?

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