Places & Vibes!

Happy hump day.

Yesterday my mom sent me a video about how important it is to be in places that are inspirational and that motivational. Environments that challenge ones’ way of thinking. This really got me thinking and so today’s post is partly about that.

If you know me, then you probably know how particular I am about protecting my energy and how strict I am when it comes to who I spend time with.

I couldn’t agree more on what was being said in the video. Simply because I have lived through that experience. I have been to places that have left me in awe. I have been in people’s homes that looked too fab so much so it made me want to work hard. I have interacted with brilliant-minded individuals who have challenged me to do better.

Imagine if you had to challenge yourself everyday to be in places that inspire you? Imagine if you made it a point to avoid anything that drained out all your positive energy? This would be mentally tiring wouldn’t it? Inspirational places & good vibes are key, and today’s post is here as a reminder. Always remember, preserve your energy and protect it.

About the outfit

Jumpsuits! Oh how I love a good jumpsuit. See here, here and here to see what I am talking about. I spotted this jumpsuit a couple of weeks after giving birth. I was still packing some pregnancy weight (which by the way I am now back at 61kgs *whoop). This piece provided a certain level of comfort.

What I liked about the jumpsuit was the fusion of colors and the wide legged style. I went for a green lipstick and finished of the look with some red sandals.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Light!