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Recounting The Steps: 2017 In Progress

Recounting The Steps: 2017 In Progress. Let me start by saying 2017 has probably been the most  challenging yet so fulfilling.

There is truth in the notion that  the more challenges we deal with, the more growth we start to witness in our lives.

Whenever a new year ends, I am one of those people who like to celebrate it. For me the celebration has  always been about celebrating the wins, the growth and most importantly the lessons learnt.

So how has 2017 been treating me? Good. That’s the word I would use.

Recounting The Steps: The 1st quarter

This has probably been the best part of the year so far. I started the year feeling fresh after a 10-day holiday with the love of my life. My spirituality was on high (Just how I like it). As for my blogging career during the first quarter,  I managed to work with brands that I truly love. The best part has been creating amazing relationships with my photographer and my website guy (On average I bug him at least twice a week). I am sure you can tell because this blog’s face is what the millennials would call LIT!! haha

On the business side of things, Glitz Dynasty was growing and so much exciting things were happening.

Of cause, the first quarter ended in an unexpected way. I was involved in that dreadful car accident and eh that’s when things slowed down a bit.

Recounting The Steps: The 2nd quarter

Recounting The Steps: 2017 In Progress

Let me tell you something my friends, this was the most traumatic and vulnerable I have ever been in my entire 26 years  of existence on this planet.  I put everything on hold. I did not want to write which was a big mistake because this has always been my therapeutic little secret. I went off social media for close  to 3 months. I started questioning  the importance of it all. Like, was  all of this  even worth my time? Blog, then what? Share on social media, then what? Run a business and then what? I guess that’s what a near death experience will do to most of us. Re-aligning ourselves.

This was a dangerous place to be, but I needed to go through it. It was all about re-finding my purpose. And I am glad I went through that phase. I learnt the importance of some relationships and the need to dissolve some relationships too.

Even though this part was filled with so much soul searching, there was so much growth which was the ultimate gift. Again during this time, I received the best news of my life which deserves a blog post of its on, some day.

2017 In Progress: 3rd quarter goals

Recounting The Steps: 2017 In Progress

Now that the dark cloud is gone, I am excited about the last 4 months left in 2017. As you may have noticed, I am excited about my blogging journey  again. You know why? Because I am now certain about my purpose in this virtual world.  You can even see that lately I have been on track with my blogging consistency (every Monday and Thursday).

I am looking forward to the growth of Glitz Dynasty with one other project under way.  I have been writing for other publications and I can’t wait to start working with other creatives in the fashion Industry.

I am still learning…

To choose the right team. We all need the right team in our corner, in our respective hustles that is. As a blogger, I have realized the importance of this aspect. For a single blog post to go live, on average I will need a photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and a good brand to collaborate with.  Having the right team makes creating my content an easy process. This last quarter I am hoping it will be an easy flow.  I have been researching and praying a lot about this.

To respect the value of my work.  Guys blogging requires money. I kid you not.  It’s like any other business. To be able to produce good quality content and attend events,  money must be forked out. By who? Collaborations would be an easy answer. However, it’s not always easy because the concept of investing in online marketing hasn’t really stuck  with most Zimbabwean brands. This is were it’s important to know my worth and be firm about it.

To create and produce authentically. There are over a million fashion blogs . I always look at successful international fashion bloggers and the one thing they all have in common is authenticity. So this 2017, The goal is to remain as  authentic as possible.

To celebrate achievements. I have this habit of brushing off  my  achievements and quickly move on to the next goal.  I want to start celebrating even  the smallest things and give my self credit when I have done well enough. Can you believe this blog turned 5 in April and I never even acknowledged it. I mean, seriously?

To acknowledge a good support system.  If God intended for us to be miserable, he never would have created the idea of families, friendships and prayer. I mentioned  those three because that’s were my light came from after the accident. Misery loves company, so again this is were you need to be firm about who you spend your time with. Some people will be happy knowing you are not at your best and do some further damage.  Its how some of us are wired. This is no personal attack to anyone but it’s  also something important to note. Choose rightly!

God’s Timing. God’s timing has and will always be the best. 

How has been 2017 treating you? I would love to know all about your experiences so far this year.  What are your goals? Please don’t leave me hanging haha. Let’s talk!

Love & Light!



  • Paul

    You have created a good blog I read almost every time just to support your work. It’s a good brand you have created that just needs to be pushed further and you will hit the jackpot.

    Like any online activity. The success is determined by the volumes that visit your site. So maybe work on increasing your site visits. Maybe sponsoring your facebook and insta posts so that you reach a wider audience. It’s attainable to get a million views per post.

    Once you do that you can convince any clothing line to sponsor your work get companies to advertise on your site. But it needs a lot of work.

    Maybe consider approaching a professional marketing firm as well for advise on online marketing.

    But I love you blog and I believe you can take it far if you remain focused.

    • Sharron

      Ooh thank you so much and I do appriciate the kind support. Sound advice there, thank you. Please continue visiting the blog, i do promise to give it my best 😀