The Closet

Restyling Your Clothes

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I wanted to write about affordable fashion and share ideas/inspiration on how to be stylish on a budget. Being budget conscious has forced me to be creative in creating a ton of different outfits from the clothing that I already have.  If you look closely, all of the outfits on my blog are made up of the same pieces of clothing, just mixed-and-matched differently to make them appear like new!  I’ve learned a lot since first starting to put together outfits, and now am confident in creating multiple outfits all from the clothing that I already have.

At first it was difficult, but I realized that I could live this blog as I actually do in real life. In real life I recycle my clothes. Over and over again. Lots of us do, and its ok. The trick is to always style them differently and look different all the time. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you style them.

With that in mind, I’ve zeroed in on 5 times I have recyled some of my favorite pieces.  Tweaking that jacket or cuffing those jeans are some of the major ways that can impact how the whole outfit looks. Plus, these aren’t seasonal or of-the-moment, these are timeless tricks that work again and again. So here we go;

1. Swop The Shoes

Dress is from Mr Price

Same dress, different look. I wore red shoes in the first look and went for a silver bag. For the second look, I went for lime heels and a nude clutch. Both pairs compliment the print on the dress which saved as an advantage.

2 . Add Something to the mix

Dress and Jumpsuit from Mr Price

This cobalt blue jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces. I bought it back in 2014. Since then, I have styled it differently a couple of times. For the first look, I went all matchy- matchy with the lime shirt and sandals. The jumpsuit has a boop-tube design which requires some serious attention. So the shirt helps also to cover up. On the other look, I went for a sexy and classy look. So I had a bit of a cleavage situation going on…haha!

3. Wear those heels

Jeans are from StyleZone

You can wear some of your gorgeous pieces differently depending on the occasion or the type of day you are about to have. For the first look, I went for a comfortable & laid back look which is perfect for a busy day. For the second look, I added some heels, wore a different top and accessorised differently. Heels have a way of just taking that look up a notch. Never doubt doubt the power of heels ladies.

4. Play with your accessories

Jeans are from Mr Price

Accessories can make an outfit extraordinary. Learning the basic rules for accessorizing will help you bring out the best features of your wardrobe. Here I am wearing the same pair of jeans. I paired the jeans with different tops and different shoes  I switched the green chunky neckpiece with the blue. scuff. I love how both the looks are stylish and effortless.

5. Experiment with the blazer/coat/kimono

Pants from legit

If you are a blazer or kimono person, then you will find this trick useful. It helps to play around with your blazers for different looks. I wore a lengthy olive green shirt in the first picture. For the second look I added a coat to mix and a nude pair of heels.

Would you restyle your favorite clothes? If you do, what are some the tricks you use? Let me know in the comments section below.