Ruffles, Flowers and Asymmetric Details

Ruffles, Flowers and Asymmetric Details
Top : Glitz Dynasty, Bag: Sole4Soul, Skirt: Jet Store,  Shoes: Sole4Soul,  Watch: Gifted Earrings, : Mr Price ( I lost them soon after the shoot)

Ruffles, Flowers and Asymmetric Details Deffinatlyshaz

sleeves with raffle design on sleeves

Floral Pencil skirt


Ruffles, Flowers and Asymmetric Details Deffinatlyshaz

Ruffles, Flowers and Asymmetric Details - Deffinatlyshaz

When I had a 9-5 job, this was my version of a formal office look. Well at least the laid back version of it. Occasionally, I would throw in a blazer in the mix but basically this look was it. Ruffles, flowers and a hint of asymmetric details.  I never liked wearing suits or any serious formal clothing unless it was really important.

I remember when I started that Job, I was so eager to fit in.  I wore hideous type of clothes that I found quite depressing. That probably explains why I was so unhappy as half of the things I did, didn’t reflect my beliefs. Suits were my everyday attire. I am not talking about the modern ones that are currently trending (because I actually need one).   Anyone who says fashion is just a trivial matter when it comes to our day to day lives is rather misinformed. Fashion and style is very important in boosting anyone’s mood or confidence. How many of us feel like conquering the world when we are wearing our favourite weekend ensemble?  Many  of us I believe. Which brings me back to the main point, fashion shouldn’t be depressing.  Instead, let it be a reflection of your happiness.

Fast forward to a few months into the Job, I realised that I was sacrificing too much of myself trying to fit in. So I decided to turn things around. I whipped out the fashionista in me and started spicing things up a little. I did of cause get into trouble with the management but I am sure they later on understood that this was just the 24-year-old  in me trying to stay on top of things, so to speak haha.

Writing about my previous Job is making me yawn already. Let’s move on and talk about the fun stuff:  todays outfit details.

The Outfit.

Ruffles are my favourite type of details. The chiffon blouse has ruffles on the sleeve and a lace-up design just above the chest. I paired the blouse with the floral skirt which also has a hint of asymmetric details. To finish off the look, I added the black shoes from Sole4Soul. The purple bucket bag was a fun item to add also to the look because of the contrasting floral details on the skirt.

What has been the craziest thing you have ever done trying to fit in? If you have, Let’s laugh about it in the comments section below.

Love & Light!