Sole For Your Soul: Five Shoe/Bag Pairings Every Woman Must Own

The concept of online fashion shopping in Zimbabwe for me was non-existent up until two years ago, when I first discovered a Boutique called Sole4Soul on Facebook.  There have been other online stores that have been known to trick their customers by delivering substandard products. So I had my doubts after seeing bucket loads of memes about other online boutiques. I however then saw two pairs of shoes on their Facebook Page that gave me sleepless and I finally took that leap of Faith, So to speak haha! Two years down the line, I am glad I discovered this gem because as it turns out, Sole4Soul is one of the biggest and trendiest shoe stores in Harare.

I have collaborated with Sole4Soul to bring you 5 shoe and bag pairings every fashionista on a budget should own, hopping that you will find the right fit for you.

The Classic All Black


Here is the thing; you can’t go wrong with the good old classic black boot. This is a timeless piece that will take you through out different seasons. I decided to pair the boots together with a black accessorised black purse.

Best Blues


Keith Urban has this song that I have been playing a lot lately called “blue ain’t your colour.” He mentions something about how blue looks good in the sky and in my dreams I imagine having a minute or two with him letting him know that, “ Uh Sir, Blue does also look good on a pair of shoes… Oh and bags too.”  This paring is perfect to add on to that work ensemble. The bag will allow you to fit in pretty much everything you will need at the office.

Neutral Tones + The Chunky Heel


The Chunky Heel.  If you ask me this has to be one of the AWESOMEST (not a word but can we just go with it? Yea haha) trend to bring back. I have so many girlfriends that cannot be bothered trying to wear stilettos. I get that. We can’t all love the same things. Can I get an Amen? Now this shoe will come in handy on days you are seeking more of comfort. I paired the shoes with a purple brown bag. The soft hues complement each other which make it the perfect combination this summer.

Bows And Colour Blocking


Valentines is right around the corner. Some people don’t believe in wearing red while others prefer to go all out. If you find yourself having to wear valentines themed colours, then Sole4Soul is the best place for you. I opted to add the yellow bag for a more fun look.




Olive will go with go with pretty much anything. It is characterised as a neutral shade. Since olive green is somewhat tempered by its neutral component, it is easier to pair with other colours. Can we take a moment to really observe the beauty of this shoe? The detail and the detail is quite impeccable which makes this pairing a must have.

About Sole4Soul

Sole4Soul is a boutique which offers a wide variety of shoes,  a bag collection and also clothing. The store has grown from the time I first discovered them. You can order your picks through their Facebook page.  The order will take three weeks to reach Zimbabwe from the UK and as well  as clearing customs. The good thing about the whole process is that no deposit is required when ordering. After you have ordered your items, the orders are sent to One Stop Fashions which is located on cnr N.Mandela and L.Takawira for collection. If you don’t have the patience to wait, there are also ready to purchase items which you can go and check out at the store. Happy Shopping.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and Light.