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5 Things I Wish I Had known Before Starting A Fashion Blog

Hey lovelies. Can you believe I have been running this little space for the past 5 years? I know I cant. The best part is that I still get excited every time i share something new as much as I did 5 years ago. I have shared with you so much on this platform through out the years. I have learnt so much about this world and today I thought I would share with you ;  5 Things I Wish I Had known Before Starting A Fashion Blog and here it goes:

1. Your Word Is Your Honor

If you say you are going to show up, do so. If you say you are going to respond to interview questions by a certain date, do so. If you say you will help with anything, do so. There is nothing is more frustrating than waiting on someone who never delivers. In any business,  that is reason enough for a potential client to move on to the next person.

With most creatives, this is such a defining factor. Consistency in keeping your word will mean professionalism and nothing attracts growth than this.

2. Your Time Is Valuable

Schedules, deadlines and meetings are all part of the game. Keep it going and invest your times in fruitful projects. Every minute counts and procrastination is your worst enemy.

3. Your work is important

Blogging in this part of the world is still a fairly new concept. I do not know how many times I have approached a brand and had to explain what blogging is. This means I have to explain further how it will benefit that particular business and this to be honest is always uninspiring. Why you ask?  I have realized that in the process of trying to convince a potential “customer,”  I end up short-changing myself.

Here is the thing though, your work is valuable. If someone doesn’t see your worth, move on to the next. It’s of great importance to focus on business relationships that will potentially grow.

5 Things I Wish I Had known Before Starting A Fashion Blog

4. Network & Collaborate

No man is an island. You can’t do it alone.

I remember in a sermon at church themed ‘dominion,’ the preacher emphasized on the fact that as long as you are working to develop your talent, God will surround you with the right people you need.

Personally, I take it that in fashion blogging you will need  a good  circle of support. Photographers, makeup artist, web developers, you name it. Spending time with creators in the same business also helps because ideas are bounced around and I always get inspiration from that. Don’t be afraid to interact. Its all part of what I call “the inspiration process.”

5. Don’t be afraid to approach brands: Be a go getter

I used to wonder how many times must I make follow ups on certain projects without sounding desperate. In a conversation with my husband, he made me realize that it is just all business. I used to get my feelings all worked up if things didn’t go my way. Say a brand representative ignored my calls, or my emails or just bluntly blue ticked my WhatsApp messages.

I used to work in marketing and let me tell you, that it is no easy task especially in Zimbabwe. So much goes into selling a product. Blogging is no different. Be the go getter. Persist on the ideas that you believe in. If it works it works, if it doesn’t, move on.

I hope you will find this applicable. Probably not just in blogging  but in whatever tasks you set your mind on.

PS: If (1) you are a  brand representative or a creative,  (2) this posts didn’t scare you away  (LOL) and (3) interested in us working together, email me at

Love & Light!

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4 thoughts on “5 Things I Wish I Had known Before Starting A Fashion Blog

  1. I had no idea that you have been blogging for 5 years hey. I am inspired. I have only been at it for 2 years (turning 2 on the 3rd of Dec) but I do struggle with staying a go-getter after being turned down by a brand I would have approached out of real love for their work, products or service.

  2. My favorite point is the one on collaboration. If we do it together we will do it better. I’m inspired by your work I’m really glad you spoke on these issues ❤❤❤

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