How To Style Your Camouflage

Styling CamouflageStyling CamouflageStyling CamouflageStyling CamouflageStyling CamouflageStyling Camouflage

Wondering how to style your camouflage? If the answer is yes, then today’s post is just for you. Camouflage, also known as “camo” has made a serious come back this 2016. I have been seeing elements of this old-school army-inspired uniform popping up everywhere. If you are in Harare, then you may also agree with me seeing that all the boutiques are flooded with camouflage clothing.

For those of you my friends who are not from Zimbabwe, let me let you in on an issue that Harare-based boutiques are known for; if it’s trending, Harare boutiques will go ham on it, without a doubt. So much so that almost every boutique you enter, you will notice the same designs, over and over again. A little overwhelming if you ask me, but I guess that’s how it has always been in the streets of Harare.

How I Styled My Camouflage

I got these pants over a year ago from Cotton On (South Africa). They are a size smaller but I have always managed to squeeze myself in. I added the black top and shoes because I wanted the focus to be on the camouflage pants mainly. The trick when wearing this print is to always keep your outfit as simple as you can by adding basic apparel that will create the perfect contrast. I thought I would get away with wearing that bra *hides face* but somehow the bra decided to make an appearance. I will know better next time.

Five Tips You Can Use When Styling Camouflage

  • When wearing camouflage, always keep your outfit as simple as you can by adding basic apparel that will create the perfect contrast.
  • Don’t wear it head to toe. The print is very bold, make it the center of attention and allow it to make a statement on it’s own by not over doing it.
  • There are neutral colors that work best with camouflage. Black and Nude are some of the best colors to complement this type of camouflage.
  • Just like any other print, camouflage comes in different styles. Dresses, shorts, tops, hats, you name it. Find the one that best suits your style and body type.
  • Lastly, do accessorize. Camo is a very masculine print , which is why it looks so cool on women. Accessorizing will help keep you from looking too boyish. Simple metallic jewelry in gold and silver will do just fine.

Are you a fan of this trend and how would you style your camouflage?

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