Working The Jumpsuit: 3 Tips On How-to!

There are days many of us run out of ideas on what to wear and we spend a lot of time pondering on the subject. Boring Yes! I know for me those are the worst days because I would like to think of myself as a fashion enthusiast and I want things to move swiftly every time I have to dress up. However, life is always unpredictable so today’s post is all about dealing with those wardrobe blues by working your favorite jumpsuit.

Fit for the Occasion.

Working The Jumpsuit: 3 Tips On How-to!

Claire Sulmers

Believe it all not; the jumpsuit is one wardrobe piece that can be designed for different occasions. It could be for a cocktail party or day-out shopping or even to a wedding if you are lucky enough.  Always pick the right occasion.

The perfect Shape/Design

Chic Ama

Though debatable, the jumpsuit was never made for everyone. I know of some people who have sworn  to never be caught experimenting with this trend. That’s OK. All you need is understanding your body type and going for the right design to flatter you.

The Good Color

Working The Jumpsuit: 3 Tips On How-to!

Yours Truly

Color is just as crucial when picking out the jumpsuit. If you are trying to lay low in your jumpsuit, then a dark color shade should be just fine.

Would you be caught in a jumpsuit or not? How would you wear your it?

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