The Perfect Blues

The more we grow older, the more we change. Our thoughts, our aspirations; they all evolve as years go by. So does our style. There are some of my outfits from around 4 years ago when I started blogging that really make me cringe when looking at them. The funny thing is four years ago, I probably thought I was ‘slaying.’ That is not much of a problem, but now that I have matured and evolved, I still want to look back and be confident five years from now and be happy about my style. I have always been drawn to pieces that are quite feminine and today’s look is a reflection of that.

Cutting My Hair : 7 Months Later

Seven months ago I cut my hair which i had natured for close to 10 years. There were a number of reasons why I decided to cut my hair but at the time I couldn’t really explain why I had decided to cut it, (not that I had to explain to anyone anyway). I however remember being obsessed over celebs who had short hair at that time. Specifically, Boity, a South African Tv personality. Instagram didn’t help either, I was so obsessed.