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The Grey Sweater


 Heartbreak! Unsettled!

Those are the best words I could come up with as I was struggling to get a good internet connection plus the absence of my laptop. My laptop crashed a few works back so this past weekend I had it fixed. Not being able to publish a post on time is the worst feeling for any blogger out there. Am i right? Yes!

I am glad I finally managed to share this post. And oh my, what a beautiful feeling haha!

About The Outfit

This is a look I wore on Sunday when I went to the Meikles hotel (one of my favorite places) for a brief work meeting. Being a blogger I have gotten away with wearing my jeans to blog related meetings a number of times. Perks of being a fashion blogger shall we say?

The temperatures in Harare have dropped a bit lately so I had to wear this grey and white sweater from legit. I wanted something casual, stylish and relaxed. I paired the sweater with ripped jeans and some gold heels. I added the neck-piece to the mix for a fun look.






Thank you for stopping by.

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