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What does Easter mean to You? The Easter holiday is a time we get to reflect on how mighty God is/has/always will be. As christians, Easter is a time that we are reminded of how wonderful & Mysterious the Lord works.

We sometimes get caught up and get carried away with whatever drama we might have going on in our lives. Therefore this is a time we get to reflect & strengthen our spiritual connection with the Lord; also understanding that Jesus Christ died for us. Well at least that’s what it means to me. Be sure to leave a comment & tell me what Easter also means to you.

On to fashion business, Today I am wearing this maxi-dress from Mr Price. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you might recognize this dress.  I love the print and the neck design.

Maxi-dresses are perfect for those summer days you just want to look stylish & feminine.




Dress - Mr Price, Shoes - Angwa Mall, Bag - Mr Price, Glasses - Avondale flea Market

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Happy Easter.


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