The Perfect Blues

The Perfect Blues
Top , Skirt – Glitz Dynasty, Shoes – Soul4soul


The Perfect Blues

The Perfect Blues! The more we grow older, the more we change. Our thoughts, our personalities, our aspirations; they all evolve as time goes by. SO DOES OUR STYLE.

There are some of my outfits from  4 years ago when I started blogging that really make me cringe when looking at them. The funny thing is four years ago, I probably thought I was ‘killing it.’  Though that is not much of a problem,  I have evolved, I still want to look back and be happy about what I am sharing right now. To be confident five years from now. To be happy about my style and be proud of what I share on this platform. No more cringing. Not anymore!

I believe that when we are creating content, sometimes things may not come out as we would expect. It could be the photography or maybe the outfit. Now because I want to stay consistent on this platform, I may be forced to share that content, even if  it maybe substandard. 2017 has to be a year of growth so this year my goal is to create good quality content that is relevant to my readers.  Consistently! I know there are many bloggers who will agree with me on this one. Yea?

The Outfit

I have always been drawn to pieces that are quite feminine and today’s look is a reflection of that.

I wore a lace navy blue top which is currently available at Glitz Dynasty. The lacy top  compliments the little graphic details on the blue circle skirt. The skirt inspired this whole ensemble. I had to style the skirt with minimal pieces so that the print becomes the main focus. The graphic skirt is a fun piece because of it’s pleated design and the print at the bottom part. I then finished off the look with a pair of navy blue heels which I got from Sole4Soul.

Do you have any outfits from Five years ago? How would you describe your style from back then? Let’s laugh together in the comments section below.

On a different note, I will be posting new blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday during this month of February. January was a bit slow up in here so will be taking things up a notch. If you are not following the blog already, please do follow for fun style updates. I can not wait to share all the content I have been creating for you.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Light!

20 thoughts on “The Perfect Blues

  1. HAHA, to be honest I was thinking of an out fir that I did but had a major malfunction (undergarment issues) I cringe when I see it and have been wanting to go back and recycle it. LOL it is so true things don’t always come out as we expect but now I am keen to redo it after reading this post. 2017 IS THE YEAR OF THE “switch up” !

    That top though, so love it. Most people, including me always wear A line with the usual high neck or body hugging off shoulder tops. Looks like you have changed the game hey!

    1. You totally get it. Chances are if you recycle the look, you will get it right.

      The Top is definitely one my favourite items right now. Thank you

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