The Closet

Time – out

Dress - Mr Price, Shoes - Angwa Mall

             Location – Meikles Hotel

Anyone with dreams, anyone trying to make a living, anyone with hunger for success can agree with me that its easy to get lost in chasing dreams.

Ideas streaming through the mind every minute. To-do list long as you can never imagine. Stressing over targets. Its life. Its human. Its who we are.

In the middle of that remember to take time for yourself. If its a friend or family that helps you relax, spend time with them. That’s where your peace comes from. I know that’s where my peace comes from. Always remember to take time for yourself. Once in a while, its ok to take a break for a bit.

This is going to be my last post for 2015 as I will be taking a break for the rest of this year. This has been a progressive year for my blog and I managed to shake a few things up here, with your support of cause. Thank you for joining me on my journey this year and I pray 2016 will be bigger and better.





I will continue to share my outfits and holiday experiences on Facebook and Instagram, so you can connect with there.

Happy Holidays!

Love & Light