… To Count Our Blessings


To breathe,to laugh, to have food on the table, to be healthy,to love, to be loved, to have a career, to have a place called home; all are blessings that I believe come from above.

My sister graduated last week, as I mentioned in this post. Graduating with a degree if you are from Zimbabwe is not exactly the biggest of achievements because of the nature of our economy and how our country has a population of over 10 000people graduating every year. Unemployment is at it’s pick and I may even go ahead and say a majority of these graduates don’t believe in education as the key to success anymore. I myself can even attest to that. But that’s  not what I want to talk about today.

Today I want to talk about somethings that crossed my mind while I was at the graduation ceremony. I want to talk about Counting our blessings and knowing gratitude. As I was seating at the ceremony, hearing parents ululate over their children’s “success” my eyes were filled with tears and my heart full of sadness for a minute. Why? Because I was busy calculating the unemployment statistics and for a minute I ridiculed the idea of investing time and resources into a system that doesn’t work. Then I remembered that “there is a time for everything.” God’s Time.

I have a history, a history that against all odds, if it wasn’t for a higher power, you wouldn’t know me my friends. There is power in just saying ‘thank you God.’ There is power in gratitude. There is power in counting our blessings. Counting our blessings gives no room to doubt and worry. Saying thank you pushes us to be content. Those parents who were celebrating their Children’s achievements knew gratitude; graduating being the blessing. Even though the graduates were joining thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans, the parents at that moment were joyful, there was no worry.

The same applies to our day to day lives l think. When we continue to count our blessings, we create a huge space for contentment. Meaning no worries, no stress.

I pray that this new month of October will bring you good fortune and a load of blessings.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and light.