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What’s in the bag?


Aloha! I hope you guys are splendid. Today I thought I would do a “what’s in the bag” posts. I have never done one of these before and I thought it was about time. Before I begin, I need you guys to understand that my handbag is never tidy;  filthy maybe. I mean junk yard level. Its never organized. I just throw things in there. Food, gum, makeup you name it. Sometimes these things spill in side my pretty little bags. Most of my bags actually have permanent stains. But for the purposes of this posts, I had to fancy things up a bit. So here we go!

1. Wallet


This one is the most important thing. I never go anywhere without this. Usually I always carry my I.D, bank cards, business cards, a few dollars e.t.c. in the wallet.

2. Wet wipes/tissues


I always have my tissues and wet wipes with me. Sometimes even hand sanitizer. Just in case I buy something to eat and I have no means off washing my hands.

3. Sunglasses


I love my sunglasses. I always carry these, especially on weekends. I scoop cute sunglass cases at Mr price and they always come in handy.

4. My phone


Whenever I am in town, I always prefer placing my phone inside my bag. I have heard stories of how people get their phones stolen when you walk around displaying it. My battery sometimes runs out in the middle  of the day so I bring along my charger. The earphones always come in handy when watching YouTube videos at work or when I simply want to listen to some music.

5. Makeup bag


I carry my makeup bag just in case I may need a touch up especially after work. I rarely do that though.

6. My Lipsticks


I can be indecisive sometimes. I may get out of the house with pink lipstick and then I later on decide to change. So I always carry out different shades of lipstick.

7. Hand Lotion


After eating and washing my hands, or using wet wipes. I apply the hand lotion. I use both the Ganelli and my favorite Pink Orchid lotion.

8. Perfume


I honestly don’t know why I carry this around this because I hardly use it. I just feel like I need to. I use DKNY be delicious.

9. My Vaseline


This one is a major necessity for me. When I don’t have lipstick on, I use Vaseline to moisturize my lips. I prefer Vaseline original, not the scented ones. Old school I know.

10. Note book and something to read


I sometimes get bored. Reading makes me relax. Currently I am reading “Africa is Open for business” by Victor Ngomoeswana. As a fashion blogger, I always carry around my note book just in case inspiration strikes. I usually jot my ideas in this note book. Most of my blog posts have passed through this little note book.



I may have left some things out, but I pretty much shared everything you are most likely to find in my hand bag.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this posts as much as I enjoyed while I was putting together.

What do you keep inside your bag?


2 thoughts on “What’s in the bag?

  1. I think i carry all of the above, although i tend to carry magazines instead of books. Two different lipsticks, reading glasses and sometimes my diary instead of a notebook.

    1. I would love to carry my magazines. But with the way things get messed up inside that bag, I think its best if I dont😂😂. About the lipsticks, glad I am not the only one.

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