Focus 2020: Healthy & Wellness

When we usher in a new year, a lot of us believe it’s time to make some changes. Be it financially, mentally  or even in our personal relationships.

However, The beginning of a new year is merely a change in dates. Meaning any kind of change in your life can be implemented any time of the year. Regardless of that, I strongly believe that a new year should bring in a new chapter. It is a time to trace the past, a time to set new achievements to guide you each and every day.

In today’s post, I wanted to share what I am hoping to achieve: Health wise. I stress eat, I walk way less (no exercise), I eat junk food a lot and I occasionally like to indulge myself with a bottle of wine.

We take for granted simple things like being conscious of what we put in our bodies so much so that 10 years down the line these things trigger different kinds of illnesses.

There are three things I will be consciously doing this year and these include:

Healthy Eating

In Zimbabwe or Africa in general, we grew up on diets that have high fat, a lot of sugar and big amounts of carbohydrates. Take for instance how each meal has to have starch in it e.g Sadza and meat, Pasta and meat, potatoes e.t.c. These are things that are dominant as normal meals in most homes.

As we grow old, you start to realize that the human digestive system doesn’t work as fast as it used to. Instead our bodies become more delicate. There are a million diets on his earth that I could tell you to try but nothing beats eating healthy and staying active. So the goal is to eat more greens, more proteins and less sugar.

Staying Active

The idea of going to the gym 2 years ago never crossed my mind. Things however do change and I have been learning so much on how important it is to assist your body to burn some calories. Not just in the gym but even taking a jog in you neighborhood or a walk is just as good. I think this also opens up one’s mind to new ideas and leaves room for meditation.

Skin Care

I really want to take time this year to take care of my skin. I don’t do it enough. I take quick a shower in the morning, at night and that’s it. Once in a while I will apply a facial mask or scrub my face thoroughly. Maybe it’s simply because as a mom, I don’t have time for it. The plan is to do this weekly and observe how my skin will react to this.

If you are like me and can relate to some of the things I have just mentioned, join me in making these  changes. If you have been leading a healthy lifestyle, please share any tips below.

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