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Your 2020 Summer Fragrance Guide: What’s Your Scent?

In the midst of summer heat and the running around during your day to day, nobody can really tolerate a bad odor. Most of us have managed to resort to a good anti-perspirant and a good fragrance. Every perfume-conscious woman on this planet knows that fragrances are just as important as any other part of your outfit. There are days when you want to showcase your femininity, yet there are also days when you want to be a fashionable go getter. With this in mind, today you will get to discover a guide on the most popular fragrance categories. Understanding what scent category your perfume falls under will help you get a “taste” of your scented preferences and give you the perfect guide this summer.

Fruity Scents

Summer is that time of the year you get to enjoy a bigger variety of fruits. It’s the season that you get to finally enjoy your favorite fruit salad combination after waiting all year long. The fruity perfume category is dominated by fruity notes that are vibrant, light and inviting. Imagine the smell of fruit on a platter, the tingly sensation of fruit pieces that slide down your throat on a heated summer day. The fruit notes make it easy to turn heads. They are loud, pretentious but never overwhelming. These scents are like a downpour of happiness on your skin. The mango, the kiwi, blackberries, nectarines, peaches – all inhabit fruit-based perfumes.

Fruity perfumes are your ideal scents when you want to be happy. You can wear yours to a friend’s birthday when you feel the most adventurous. A good example, easily accessible at Edgars is Be Delicious by DKNY. I have had a bottle of this for the past two years and definitely a head turner. It is fresh, sticky sweet and utterly sensational.

Flowery Scents

Floral perfume category refers to fragrances which are mainly dominated by the fragrance of one particular flower. Floral perfumes are the most adaptable of all. Usually associated with summer weddings and romantic settings, the floral notes are charming, sophisticated, subtle and mellow, all at the same time. Perfume designers tend to combine a few flowers in one fragrance so as to capture the essence of the fragile yet omnipotent feminine appeal.

Floral perfumes showcase the mellowness and sweetness of summer days, the stylish prominent resilience of roses, and the sophistication of the blossoming flowers. The florals are perfect when you find yourself in the ‘meet the parents’ situation, when you want to wake up your dormant femininity or when you are feeling romantic. Hence it’s safe to say flowery scents are made for the optimistic, impulsive and active women.

Citrusy Scents

Who doesn’t love a good old citrus fruit? I know I do. The Citrus perfume category consist of perfumes that are heavily infused with energetic and vibrant notes of citrus fruits, evoking the tangy spirit of your home made lemonade or the orange juice. The domination of lemon, grapefruit and orange warrants a sensation of freshness and liveliness.  Sometimes the citrusy over-indulgence can take a bitter turn, especially if the citrus notes take all the credit for perfume’s radiating energy. Not to worry, this is the perfect fragrance on any summer day.


Most people would argue that these are best reserved for winter or when we experience lower temperatures but I think the opposite is true. Of course they are good in winter but so are they in summer. Besides, what’s fashion without breaking some rules? Let’s take some risks shall we?

The spicy/oriental perfume category is made up of spicy notes which are fiery, bold, strong and bitter-sweet at their core. You can sense them in the spice isles. Oriental spices have vivid colors and very sharp distinct scents. If you know your way around the kitchen then you probably understand how each spice hides a story of its own. When combined together, these exciting components tell the best pleasant stories.

A good example of a spicy perfume is the popular Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Just like the Be Delicious by DKNY, Black Opium is easily accessible.

Next time when you find yourself at a perfume counter, remember these categories. You will never have a hard time trying to explain what you exactly need to the store assistant.

Happy shopping.

Images Sourced Via : The Everygirl

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