HOPE: The Other Side

The fact that you come from Zim, that’s a testimony of strength.

It’s Saturday evening, I am seating waiting for my husband to get back from work so we can get started on today’s gossip session and get the giggles going.

My son is at my moms for the weekend, my sister is in SA and my best friend is busy with her chicken project which means one thing, Me time!

I have had a progressive week and today’s wasn’t just a good day despite how I always try to think positively.

You see, I come from a country that is at its lowest. We have no electricity, we have no water, the money we use isn’t really a currency, Inflation is up by a gazillion percentage, You wait for hours just to get over-priced fuel and even so, there’s not a slightest spark to indicate light at the end of the tunnel. For how long must we live like this?

It takes a lot of strength to get up every morning to fight for a dream. A dream that seams unrealistic but by God’s grace we keep rising. We keep pushing because time waits for nobody. We keep pushing for our sanity. We keep pushing so we can put food on the table. We Keep pushing.

As 2020 progresses, I pray that we will find that light at the end of the tunnel. I pray even under this dark cloud, you will obtain what God has allocated for you.

In the mean time, stay positive.

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